Thursday, June 26, 2008



(7:18:20 PM) Scotty: brb
(7:18:34 PM) Spook: DONT LEAVE ME SKAWtEE
(7:18:39 PM) Spook: ;_____;
(7:18:44 PM) Spook: I'm afraid of the dark
(7:18:47 PM) Scotty: ITS ONLY FOR A FEW MINUTES!!!!!
(7:18:52 PM) Spook: oh okay
(7:18:53 PM) Scotty: I haz to do dishes ;_;
(7:19:15 PM) Spook: I'll play backgammon with my imaginary toaster
(7:19:19 PM) Scotty: :o ok
(7:19:28 PM) Spook: named FRED

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